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The Twelve Human Souls
I've already uploaded this to Reddit and Tumblr before, I might as well upload it here now. This is a visualization of my theory that there are 12 human souls in total, with their own distinct virtues, that correspond to the 12 hues present in the RGB color wheel. For this project, I mostly put my thought into thinking which new virtues would be appropriate in place of the existing souls we see already in the game. What I also put into consideration was how the virtues, like colors on a color wheel, would interact with each other through color schemes. Both of these focuses lead to the creation of a very clever and well thought-out idea that I personally think leads to many connections and realizations about what exactly it is that the human souls represent and what they may tell us about how we should live our lives. What I think this differentiates from others like it in the way that it seeks to form a very organized and principled harmony through relying on only the 12 basic hues to guide its creative process.

I'm going to attempt to philosophize this work and hopefully manage to present my thought process to you in a way that allows you to form the same connections I did. I will tell you why I chose the specific virtue for each soul and try to make sense of it all. Anyways, here are the non-cannon souls present in this wheel and why I made them the way they are:

Chartreuse (Green-Yellow)
    - When you combine justice and kindness you get just kindness, or kind justice. Compassion is just this, the kind justice. It is taking what reality gives to you and returning the favor. The act of caring and sympathizing with other human beings is not an immediate influence, but it will save those you've put it into as well as save yourself from those who put it within you. A lot of the time they're very quirky and non-traditional, almost disruptive, in their existence; showing themselves at the last second when they're needed most to deflect what comes in harm's way of the soul. The nature of the compassionate soul is to take in, sophisticate, and reuse that which they are given. They give back to the world and others around them by being the net that catches them when their trust is in peril. Truly, they are the link between thought and reality, treatment, and the link between justice and kindness, compassion.

Spring Green (Green-Cyan)
    - When you combine patience and kindness you get patient kindness, or kind patience. Clemency is just this, the patient kindness. It is the state that protects and restores the being from turbulent circumstances within reality, or in other words, it is the ability to control your emotion and show mercy towards others and the world around you. They are quite sensitive beings that have a rougher time getting out of their state, however, they can also be wholesome and spiritually refreshing beings that provide a break from the madness or an emotional pick-me-up. When they show up, they don't stick around for long and they arrive at the most heated moments. They're a temporary help that doesn't weigh down the being at the cost of being more flimsy, and I must say they make great partners when you need a break from your dedication. They are the smallest inspiration that relives the being and sparks a new spring within the world. Truly, they are the link between emotion and reality, state, and the link between patience and kindness, clemency.

Azure (Blue-Cyan)
    - When you combine patience and integrity you get patient integrity, or integral patience. Humility is just this, the patient integrity. It is the vision that moves the being from outside their personal emotion to experience the emotion of the world around them, in other words, it is the realization that there's a world around you that still flows even when you're not moving. They are quite the modest type, never really going out of their way to do what is beyond their role or position. They have the clearest conscience, one that provides a greater sense of external awareness that makes them gently float above reality instead of being gravitated by it. Even when nobody is watching them, they still feel present. Now, they can have their emotion so disconnected from themselves that they begin to feel diffidence and self-pity about whether or not they have actual presence or impact in reality. They're the soul that rises above the noise and confusion and boldly let reality influence their emotion. Truly, they are the link between emotion and being, view, and the link between patience and integrity, humility.

Violet (Blue-Magenta)
    - When you combine perseverance and integrity you get persistent integrity, or integral persistence. Trust is just this, the persistent integrity. It is the effect that keeps the being in action even when there is none by believing that a specific action or actions are bound to occur, have already occurred, or are already occurring. In other words, it is the loyalty to hypothetical action(s) that keeps the being's rhythm repeating to establish a predictability and insight to actions. They're pretty visionary and creative, often predicting what line's coming next by reminiscing deeply on what happened before. Their moods are capricious however, as they lack reassurance of the future and the world around them, but they have great dignity as they let their soul bounce with style and grace. With each line they bounce across, the effect of their being continues along with it, influencing the experiences they've had before and influencing the future experiences of others. Truly, they are the link between experience and being, effect, and the link between perseverance and integrity, trust.

Rose (Red-Magenta)
    - When you combine perseverance and determination, you get persistent determination, or determined persistence. Dedication is just this, the persistent determination. It is the way that attaches the being the a particular course of action that changes the rhythm of the soul by choice. In other words, it is the commitment to an action that forms a path of life that influences the being and where they will go. They're an outspoken character who doesn't let personal descriptions define who they are, it's all about what they've done and what they want to do that defines them. They display an appearance and personality that is not concerned with the influence of those around them, and often it's one that develops alongside the course of action undertaken, but for general traits, dedicated souls tend to be responsible, ambitious, and consistent. They can display disregard that's almost cruel in a way to others who intervene on their path, and they can let their course of action consume their being to misery and apathy. The rail they're attached to was determined by them and they will stick to it till the goal(s) have been reached. Truly, they are the link between experience and action, way, and the link between perseverance and determination, dedication.
I make a lot of crudely quick doodles in OneNote, and what I like to do with them is make a more detailed and imaginative offspring. And if I feel determined enough, I might make a full-blown piece in MS Paint. Expect to see more of these.


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